ABOUT US - Hagoin Rubber and plastic products


Hagoin Development Co.,limited serve for both domestic and international customers with qualified products. After years development,  we are honored to serve you kinds of rubber products,offering better solution on rubber compound, we  have built a good reputation all over the world with better products and service. All of us are united to strive to work hard  and making a better future.

Our Vision  "achieve each other"

If you help other achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours too.

Our mission

We are responsible to build a time-honored centry enterprise and make people believe chinese products are in top quality.

Our shared value
The following values are shared by each member in order to achieve our mission

1) we focus on qualified products and satisfied service.
2) we care what you need, fullfill your demand is our responsibility
3) we value friendship between you and us beyond all things